Lencois Maranhenses Dunes

About 4 Hours drive from Soa Luis is the Lencois   Maranhenses sand dune national park. Wild and untouched the view from the air was stunning. But first we had to take a plane!  In the wet season, the water forms lagoons on the bottom of the dunes creating different colors, depending on the light and the sand. 
 The dunes stretch as far as the eye can see.
 Here the water is green

After the flight we took a land trip into the dunes, we bumped and rolled for about 60 mins before arriving at the dunes. They looked very different from the air.
Yes that is a person on the top. It gives you an idea how tall the Dunes are.

 And how steep they are and how many years will it take this tree to fade away?
The water in the lagoon is very green!

And we stayed to watch the sunset.

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