Soa Luis

Little  known Soa Luis is in the Noth of Brazil, the sea is still part of The Atlantic, but very close to The Amazon estuary. It is a port where tankers seem to sit for days waiting in the sea to come into the port.
It is an old colonial city.
 Where it is possible to while a few hours away.
We found a market full of fascinating things.Sauces of what we have no idea how one woul use them.
 Hand woven baskets full of prawns . We have lived on fish of all kinds for weeks now. The meat is rather tough.

We were in Soa Luis on a Sunday, so we did what the rest of the inhabitants do. Go to the beach.
Beach football is the obvious activity, the pitch carefully laid out,

Kite boarding is a very hairy sport here. The winds are very strong and persistent .
Just to remind us we are in Brazil and it can be a dangerous place a helicopter landed on the beach, two soldiers jumped out waving very large guns, ran up the beach, a  police car arrived with sirens deafening everyone. A few minutes later the armed soldiers ran back to the helicopter And off it went. And off went the police car. Nobody but us paid the incident any attention! 

So, We decided to get on with what we had come to do .
Drink our Lemmon juice and relax

There is another side of Soa Luis that is modern. The city is a big holiday resort for the Brzillians  .  The skyscrapers dominate the beach area.

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